Complete Residential Pool Inspections For YOU

"If you are buying a house that includes a swimming pool, plan to have the pool inspected separately by a pool specialist, not by your home inspector" - Bob Vila, 2005.

A swimming pool and its equipment can be VERY EXPENSIVE to fix if there are serious issues left unseen. Costly repairs or a sky high water bill are just the beginning. Don't buy a headache or depend on a home inspector to give the time needed to inspect a pool. Have peace of mind with a Chlorine King Pool Inspection! Starting at just $299.

  • Fully Insured - Don't have an uninsured company looking after you. We are here!
  • Detailed Reports - Our reports are very detailed. Don't miss details that cost you!

Have peace of mind

Our inspectors take detailed notes of everything to do with your pool to prepare the most thorough pool inspection report for you. Don't buy a headache. We are waiting! 


Items We Inspect

Here's some of the major areas Chlorine King Pool Inspectors look after to protect YOU.

Pool Structure

Pool surface, tile, drain covers, returns, lights and skimmers are all looked after.

Pool Decking

Pool decking, coping, expansion joints, drainage, and handrails are inspected.

Screen Enclosures

Structure, supports, screen panels and bonding are our main concern.

Pool Equipment

Pumps, filters, timer boxes, plumbing and valves are the top priority.

Pool Safety

Drain covers, vacuum ports, bonding, electrical and sharp edges will be discovered.

Water Loss

Don't buy a leaky pool. We can prove your pool holds water or not.

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