Pool Decking

The pool decking is also very important because it can tell you a lot about what's happening in the swimming pool. It's also can be a very large surface area too so findings missed can cost you a lot of money. What are settlement cracks? Are the drainage strips in good shape? Are there loose or broken pavers? All valid question and all of those should be addressed by your pool inspector.

The Chlorine King pool inspectors take a close took to make sure the decking is in good shape and safe to be on. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us if you're wondering about the condition of your pool decking. We can help you. Please check out below some of our pool decking findings during our inspections.

This can be a common finding on pool decking with pavers. This can be a safety hazard if it's sticking up and someone jams their toe or cuts the bottom of their foot. 

This finding is a drainage strip not secured down properly. This can allow larger debris to get in there and clog it, which doesn't allow the pool decking to drain properly. 

Skimmer lids are commonly broken. It's important to make sure the lid stays on the skimmer securely to ensure no large debris gets into the skimmer, or to make sure you don't step into the skimmer. 

This was a finding where the support wall is cracking. This can cause the deck to start cracking as well. This all could lead to the coping/tile and pool structure cracking too. 

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