Pool Equipment

Pool equipment is the item that is asked about the most. There are a lot of subtle components and tidbits that are difficult to understand for a lot of people. The most important thing is to make sure everything is operating correctly and in a safe manner. A lot of things may look "ok" and "seem" to work, but in most cases it's a failure waiting to happen. Don't risk it, let the experts help.

Are there leaks? Is the electrical hooked up safely? Do the valves work? Don't wonder. Let us help you know for sure. We go through all of the pool equipment meticulously to help discover issues that can become a headache later down the road. If you're buying a home with a pool, give us a call now for a pool inspection.

This finding shows the incorrect way to adjoin two separate bonding wires. The only correct way to do it is to use a copper split bolt. You can' braid it, wire cap or use a bonding lug (like above).

This finding shows where I discovered some of the pool plumbing was leaking. Leaks always get worse so it's important to find them right away. We check every plumbing joint to ensure there aren't any leaks. 

This finding shows where some electrical wires are exposed on a spa air blower. I don't have to explain the safety issue with this. It looks like someone previously tried "fixing" it. Find it and get it fixed the right way. 

This finding shows that some bonding wire is connected to the spa pump, but it doesn't connect with the anything. This is a safety issue and should be fixed immediately. This picture also shows some exposed electrical wires. 

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