Pool Safety

Pool safety is actually one of the least asked questions, but one of the most important. It's vital to make sure all of the components to your swimming pool are safe for all of your swimmers to enjoy for years to come. Unfortunately, some of the work being done to the pools creates a very unsafe situation. Let us uncover that for you!

Pool safety includes things like pool pumps being left not bonded, drain covers that are not safe, decking installed incorrectly, open vacuum lines and exposed electrical are all things to be concerned with. If you have a pool with some of these issues give us a call so we can come out and inspect it for you!

This finding shows that a wall vacuum line is left open without a vacuum lock installed. In this condition it can cause an entrapment issue and should be addressed immediately. 

This finding shows a trip hazard that can easily cut someone's foot if they hit the ledge the right way. This should be addressed to make sure all swimmers are safe on this pool deck. 

This finding shows another outdated VGBA cover. It's important to make sure the cover is safe and to current standards to prevent drownings. This pool also has copper staining throughout (the blue). 

This finding shows a timer box that has an exposed breaker knockout. This can easily become a safety issue if someone stuck their fingers into the exposed knockout and touching live wires. 

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