Screen Enclosures

Pool screen enclosures are often overlooked by home inspectors and pool inspectors. They shouldn't be. Pool enclosures can help you keep your pool clean and should be checked to make sure the structure is in good shape. Are the screen panels ripped? Is the pool screen enclosure solid? How are the anchor bolts? Is it bonded? All of these questions get answered with a Chlorine King pool inspection.

Don't wonder if everything is good to go with the pool screen enclosure. We do all the heavy lifting for you and make sure that it's the last thing on your mind when buying a home. Please contact us if you have a screen enclosure and want it inspected.

This finding shows that the door closer is missing. The closer helps keep the door shut at all times to help keep things out of the pool area. It's a safety issue that should be fixed.

This finding shows a hole in one of the screen panels. Having the screen panels free from holes and rips helps keep your pool clean. It can also help with sun on the very hot days! 

This is ideal when you're inspecting a pool screen enclosure. You want to make sure it's bonded to ensure that it doesn't cause any safety issues down the road. 

This finding shows that the pool screen enclosure bolt is missing. These help support the structure and keep it were it is. If enough of these are missing, you can see the issue here. 

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