Water Loss

"Does my pool leak?" That is probably one of the most frequent questions I get one a day-to-day basis. It used to very hard to tell and often times you're left with resorting to either a bucket test, or calling out a leak detection company to see if they can find anything.

Having a leak detection company come out is the ultimate way to find a pool leak, but it's expensive. Chlorine King pool inspectors have a way to quantify if your pool is loosing water through a potential pool leak. We can even create a PDF of the results and insert it into your report. So if you think you have a pool leak, but aren't sure, call us so we can let you know for sure!

This finding shows a crack in the water line tile. This could be a source of a leak. We can verify if something like this is causing your pool to leak. Get it checked out and added to your report. 

Generally, pool putty is used to help stop a pool leak. This finding shows it was used on the mouth of the skimmer, which could be the cause of a pool leak. 

This is a unique finding. The vacuum is pulling on the light conduit. The conduit is ran through the niche and continues out to the junction box. Where it exits the niche it is sealed. By the vacuum pulling on this cable could very well cause the seal to fail. 

This finding shows a crack in the skimmer face. This could cause some leaking for sure, especially in the un-repaired state. Find out if your pool is losing water! Contact us now. 

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