Why Chlorine King?

Who we are

1 Licensed Pool Contractors
A licensed pool contractor will always be able to bring more to the table because they are able to address code issues that a typical pool inspector may miss during pool inspections.

2 Certified Pool Inspectors
Our inspectors are Certified Pool Inspectors by the National Swimming Pool Foundation. This certification provides specialized training unique to pool inspections.

3 We Pay Attention To Detail
Pool inspections require someone who can pay attention and focus on the smaller findings that can easily missed by someone who just is not paying attention.


Why Choose Chlorine King?

When you want to ensure the pool you're buying with your home will be trouble free, there is no other choice. You need a Chlorine King Pool Inspection.

We love having the buyers heart at the pinnacle of our interest. There is nothing more satisfying than letting the clients of our pool inspections know that their pool will be smooth sailing.

However, dare we say we really enjoy protecting a home buyer from potentially buying a huge headache. "Geesh, you saved me!" is something we love to hear. That's our job and our passion! Contact us if you need a pool inspection! Our detailed pool inspection starts at $249.

-Chlorine King-

Our Inspector

       Erik Taylor: Lead Inspector

Erik Taylor has been changing how residential pool inspections are done in the Tampa Bay Area. He is a State Licensed Pool & Spa Contractor (CPC1458983) and a NSPF Certified Pool Inspector (CPI-530362). In addition to his NSPF Certified Pool Operator certification, these two qualifications ensure that when he is doing pool inspections that you are in the best of hands.

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