We are so fortunate that we found Erik and Chlorine King Pool Inspections. We thought the pool was in good shape as it looked very pretty. However, Erik found things that the seller was trying to hide and were outright dangerous.

On top of him being on time and very professional, the thing that impressed us the most was he referred another company to do the fixes. Completely unbiased and honest.

Julie Thompson,

Immediately we were impressed with him showing up on time. We were even more surprised that the issues he found were very minimal. He could have told us we needed a new pool and we wouldn't have known any differently. Thank you.

Todd McConnell,

Chlorine King Pool Inspections were very detailed in what they do. They rivaled my home inspection as far as thoroughness and details go. What I really liked is he wasn't trying to sell me on anything.

He was very honest in his assessment, and his referral list was equally impressive. If you want the complete inspection package, give Chlorine King Pool Inspections a call!

Mr. John Cena, Wrestler & Actor

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